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Walter Nudo

Walter Nudo is an Italian actor, born in Montreal, Canada to his Tuscan mother and Calabrian father, at the age of ten, he moves to Italy. In 1989, after being awarded his high school diploma as a Technical Chemical Technician, he goes to live in America where he studies acting at the "Acting Class" in Los Angeles. In 1994, after his return to Italy, he studies at the acting school, "Duse" with Francesca De Sapio in Rome. Achieving popularity as a new television personality in 1995 and with numerous guest appearances on the "Maurizio Costanzo Show" he begins his acting career, and later on, a singing one as well. Because of his difficult and introverted character, he spends his youth in gyms, first with Karate and then with Boxing, achieving a good competitive career in both sports.
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In 2009, after having participated in several Marathons, he gets involved with auto racing in the Superstars Championship - winner in Endurance Italian Championship. Since 2007, he has traveled around Italy with his band performing concerts. Even though his career has ups and downs, especially because of his somewhat bashful personality which makes it difficult for him to relate to people, he has succeeded in creating a positive persona, obtaining considerable public consensus in his work, as seen in his 87% share of the votes in the first edition on the Italian version of "Celebrity Survivor: Island of the famous" as well as the television series "Incantesimo" and "Carabinieri".

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