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Travis Merindino Biography

Travis Merindino

Travis was born in Anaheim, California of Carl & Brenda Merindino, and was raised in Buena Park California by his grandparents Joseph & Ruth Merindino. From the age of five, he underwent training in several Martial Arts and has received advanced Black Belts in Taekwondo, issued by the Kukkiwon in Korea recognized by the Olympic World Taekwondo Federation; The International Muay Thai School in Thailand; and through the International Kali Federation in the Philippines (stick and knife fighting). Travis has also competed in the Invitational U.S. Open and the Invitational Pan-American games, as well as in numerous regional, national and international Kurugi (fighting) Taekwondo competitions.After graduating from Pacifica High School, Garden Grove California in 2001, Travis began his Performance and Stunt Career in 2001 as a Knight at Medieval Times, Buena Park, CA.
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Honing his equestrian skills in the training of horses, trick riding, horse stunts and Medieval Weapons and Sword Work during his 10 years there, he also put himself through college at the Fullerton Police Academy making both the Dean's honor list in the fall of 2003, and The President's Honor list in spring 2004, graduating in the top ten of his class where he received tactical training from members of the LAPD SWAT team, and earned his degree in criminal science with honors.Travis transitioned to Television and Film work as the stunt double for Ron Perlman' in Season of the Witch (2011), working with Second Unit Director Vic Armstrong' and Stunt Coordinator Andy Armstrong'. He has also worked with other notable stunt coordinators/choreographers such as Merritt Yohnka', Garrett Warren', Jesse V. Johnson' and David Morizot'. Along with pursuing his film career, Travis teaches a martial arts class he designed specifically for children as well as attending numerous work shops for film editing and scene design to further his understanding of action and performance in film.

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